Hog Roast Pembury – Surprise Birthday

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with Hog Roast Pembury?! We may be biased but we certainly can’t think of one, so why not book us in today to make you or your loved one’s day one to remember!

Hog Roast PemburyThat’s just what Sophie did this week. Her father, Andy, was celebrating turning sixty and so Sophie and her mum wanted to show him just how much he was loved by planning a surprise Hog Roast Pembury. Sophie told us that usually her dad didn’t like to make a big deal out of his birthday as he always said there was nothing to celebrate about turning another year older. This year, however, Sophie wanted to challenge him on that and show him that birthdays are worth celebrating with the ones you love and having some good food makes it that bit better too!

We had worked with Sophie to plan a menu of our traditional whole roasted hog served up in freshly baked bread rolls, or as we like to call them Hog Roast Pembury rolls! By cooking the hog for several hours in our capable machines, we are able to create nothing but the most succulent meat that literally falls off the bone when it comes to carving. Our chef then places slices of the delicate meat into awaiting bread rolls that we bake fresh on the day of your event. Here at Hog Roast Pembury we are renowned for our crackling and with good reason as it is mouth-wateringly delicious! Before the hog is roasted, our chef skilfully scores the meat and applies sea salt and hot water which by massaging into the skin bubbles up into the most fantastic crackling. The crackling is placed on top of the meat on our rolls and accompanied by a dollop of  homemade applesauce and some moreish sage and onion stuffing. If our Hog Roast Pembury rolls didn’t help Andy enjoy his birthday then we are sure nothing would!