A New Year’s Eve Party For a Caravan Club Catered By Hog Roast Billingshurst!

   For the end of the winter season, Ben and Lora reopened their caravan site to their members. All of the members travelled to the caravan site for New Year’s Eve as the couple host a party each year for the celebrations. The pair had hired the Hog Roast Billingshurst team to help them bring the caravan site community together for big night. Ben and Lora had decorated the main bar to hold the buffet and the party.

   The couple had chosen Private Party Menu Five to serve to their caravan site members at the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The menu offers a large selection of canapes from which Ben and Lora chose from to serve to their guests. They chose the mini pizzas with offered a vegetarian option to those who required non-meat options and for the younger children. In addition, they added the mini individual quiche, freshly prepared with various fillings, to their menu. They also chose the Indian selection, the Peking duck wraps coated in a honey and mustard glaze in Chinese pancakes and mini burgers which were served with lettuce and tomato salsa.

   For the main course, Ben and Lora chose the chicken kebabs with marinated spare ribs and also the Hog Roast Billingshurst team’s traditional slow roasted hog served with stuffing, apple sauce and crispy crackling.  These delicious main courses were served with bread rolls and a variety of sauces to maintain the casual atmosphere of the party. The meats were also served alongside a classic Caesar salad, tomato and basil salad and a fresh green leaf salad as well as jacket potatoes.

   The Hog Roast Billingshurst team finally brought out the puddings they had freshly prepared. They served handmade individual cheesecakes filled with creamy cheese on a biscuit crumb base and also handmade individual chocolate tortes which were both served with fresh cream. The party was a great way to bring all of the caravan owners together and they had a fantastic time as Ben and Lora also created an amazing firework display. They all really enjoyed the food and there was something for everyone on the buffet.